The challenge - Pain

Pain, whether as a symptom or as an independent disease, affects millions of people worldwide. The trend is increasing. This has resulted in pain becoming the subject of increased attention in research in the past years. As a result, for those affected by pain, much has already changed for the better. It is now essential to continue along this path to develop innovative therapy approaches that are also well-tolerated. For patients with pain, especially chronic pain – giving them much greater quality of life.

This is what we concentrate our efforts on. In doing so, we focus on the development of opioid analgesics that are used in the treatment of moderate and/or severe pain of malignant and non-malignant origin. We use our extensive expertise to develop considerably more effective and well tolerated therapy approaches and optimised dosage forms.

One example of our successful development work is an innovative agonist/antagonist combination. This analgesic differs fundamentally from previous opioid preparations due to its considerably improved tolerability. As the only medication of its kind, it possesses the strong, pain-relieving effect of opioids and simultaneously helps to reduce the most frequent undesired effect of this active ingredient to date – gastro-intestinal dysfunction, with opioid-induced constipation as the main symptom.

In addition, we are working on developing further agonist/antagonist combinations. And we even have a series of other promising substances in the pipeline.

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