Clinical Trials Results

This website contains information on the results of the studies sponsored by Mundipharma Research Limited and/or Mundipharma Research GmbH & Co KG, which will now be referred to as “Mundipharma Research”.

Mundipharma Research’s ongoing trials are registered on or which are public databases of clinical trials. As a general guidance only our Phase II – IV trials are publically registered there.  For definitions of these terms, please
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Results of Mundipharma Research’s trials will be published on this website. It will contain results of all recent Phase II - Phase IV studies which have been sponsored by Mundipharma Research.

For new products under development, the study results will be made publicly available within a year of the product receiving marketing approval. For studies involving products that are already available on the market, the results will be published on this website within a year of the clinical study report (CSR) being completed.

If results are intended to be published in a scientific journal, no detailed results will be published here. This is because journal requirements differ with respect to the allowance of information being made public prior to its publication in their journal. In these instances, Mundipharma Research will not post the results of this trial until either the manuscript is published or the scientific journal and publication requirements for which this manuscript is targeted are known.

To view the study results for each therapeutic area, please click on the boxes below. For definition of terms used in the reports please click here.

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