together we are strong

No orchestra plays without a conductor; no sports team without a captain. And there is good reason for this – after all, every aspect of team work must be coordinated. We also put this into practice. Our department manages every project from the starting point, right up to approval. But without an excellent "squad", we would have little to work with.

For this reason, our cooperation with the other departments is supported by the idea of working together as a team for one cause; communication and transparency play a decisive role in this. The advantage of this close way of networking is that we have short and rapid decision routes.

As a department with employees in Limburg and Cambridge, we act as an administrative unit and report directly to general management. As a result, we ensure that project efficiency and speed are optimised, and do not lose sight of the aim – product approval.

A race against time

It is our responsibility to manage projects and follow them through to completion while complying with the time schedule and budget. This means: developing the project structure, forming appropriate teams with representatives from all relevant departments and jointly defining a project strategy and project-related targets associated with this. We review the progress of the projects in regular meetings, ensuring that information is exchanged within the project group at the same time.

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About us:

We serve as leaders to optimise the efficiency, speed and value of product development from the earliest stages of research through the conduct of clinical development and commercialisation.

We foster teamwork and partnership across all functional areas in a multidisciplinary drug development matrix to achieve pipeline objectives.