we´re making the future

It always starts with a bright and smart idea. Ideas are the pillars of innovation and progress. Our department is solely focused on innovative ideas for the continuous improvement of existing products and the development of new medications. Notably, many proposals are contributed by our employees. And not just because innovation is one of the core values of Mundipharma Research. But also because we see and live them as a continuum.

In practice, this means that all (!) of our employees are part of the innovation process and can submit their ideas for new projects, in keeping with the motto: the more people think, the more solutions materialise. In this way, we have launched major development projects during the last years. That's something we are proud of.

From brainstorming to the medications

We are responsible for the supervision of the entire innovation process. This starts with the review of new product ideas, irrespective of whether they have been submitted in-house or via outsiders or other companies.

Ask the experts!

In our evaluation process, we include trusted experts, both internal and external. By doing so, we obtain the necessary medico-scientific knowledge for our decisions.

Trends: today and tomorrow

We constantly follow new developments in medical and pharmaceutical research. We analyse exactly what is happening and what is missing. This includes evaluating satisfaction and frustration of existing treatments as well as assessing the competition. That way, we continually keep focus on patients’ needs and ensure we are always up to date.

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