Studies are key

Effective and safe products – this is the standard that we measure ourselves by.
For this reason, we carry out comprehensive clinical development programmes to provide objective evidence that our products are effective and well-tolerated. Since 2006 approx. 11.000 pts were attended to in our clinical studies.

We are committed to this complex assignment of carrying out responsible clinical research across different therapeutic areas from phase I through to phase IV . Our work is diverse, interesting – and challenging. Both for the team and for the individual.

Why so? Our field of activity has many aspects. It covers the initial planning of the studies in terms of their medical & scientific content, their implementation and the evaluation and reporting of the collected data. In addition to this we are specialists in clinical research with opioids – an area that can prove even more challenging. To achieve the best results, we don't just work on our own. We have close connections to other departments in our company, key opinion leaders and contract research organisations (CROs).

Conceptual design

Our responsibility is to design clinical studies that provide the evidence of the effectiveness and safety of our products. This includes the integration of medical excellence along with regulatory needs and other framework conditions.

Results count!

All the study data is checked and validated by us, evaluated and summarised in a study report which can be used by regulatory authorities, the medical community and the public to see the results of our clinical studies.

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