Our Purpose

As a research organisation it is vital that we create an environment in which employees at all levels are both willing and able to give of their very best. The purpose of the Human Resources (HR) Department is to ensure that we achieve this, by enhancing organisational effectiveness through people and process development, and by generating working practices and change initiatives which maximise opportunities.


Strategic initiatives

The strategic focus ensures that our working practices,  leadership style  and development activities are aligned to our organisational  culture.  Examples of current initiatives include embedding our Leadership Attributes, offering a comprehensive Management Development programme, and building on a range of Development and Progression opportunities that are available to all employees.

Day to day support

Equally important is our responsibility for providing the range of services you expect from an excellent HR Department in an innovative organisation. These include all aspects of personnel administration, HR processes and policies, recruitment and retention, induction and training, succession planning, performance assessment, consultation mechanisms and the employee assistance programme. We aim to provide high standards of effectiveness and efficiency in the provision of all these services.

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The concept of employee engagement underpins all we do. Because we attract and recruit the best people we make sure that we continually seek and take on board ideas and opinions from employees at all levels. This means that we all work together to develop an exciting and motivating organisation.