Safety First

The well-being and safety of patients as well as providing doctors with comprehensive product information is our top priority. That is why we have an independent department for this very purpose, who are solely concerned with ensuring the safe application of our developmental and final products. At all times.

The basis of our work is a close network within and outside of the company, with other departments and, of course, with patients, doctors and the responsible authorities as well. In our company, safety-related information doesn't just converge in one place, after thorough evaluation we also pass it on, both to internal interfaces and of course to the responsible authorities. This makes our work varied and challenging at the same time.

Safety – from the word go (Investigational Drug Safety)

All products used in our clinical studies are subject to high safety requirements and all safety data from clinical trials are constantly reviewed. We make sure. that clinical trials are designed in a way that minimises risks to patients. This is how we help to maximise safety for all patients participating in the studies and doctors administering our products.

Safety – as a loyal companion

We continually review all approved products for their safety. We do this by gathering and assessing all the relevant data available worldwide on an approved product. By that we can optimally develop strategies to minimise safety risks associated with the use of our products and establish safety standards to protect patient’s health.

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