Who we are

Mundipharma Research is a young, dynamic organisation wholly dedicated to the research and development of highly effective and innovative medications. Based in Europe (in Cambridge, England, and Limburg, Germany), we work on behalf of our independent associated companies and in collaboration with pharmaceutical companies to bring medications to an international market.

Our Expertise

We focus on three main therapeutic areas - pain, oncology and respiratory diseases. Our unique innovation process enables us to capture and prioritise the most promising ideas. The resulting projects are then run using the latest project management techniques, which enable us to achieve our objectives swiftly and effectively. We are proud of these defining attributes.


What we do

We carry out early and late-stage pre-commercial development. This involves pre-clinical research, pharmaceutical development, clinical development (Phase I to Phase III), drug safety, application for Marketing Authorisation and scientific support to marketed products.


At a glance

  • Founded 2006 by bringing together two research and development entities into one organisation

  • Locations    
    Cambridge (UK) and Limburg (Germany), with cross-locational departments

  • Field of activity    
    Research and development of innovative medications and the formulation of new therapeutic treatments

  • Research areas    
    Pain, oncology and respiratory diseases
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